Before the Client arrives:

All procedural equipment like the machine, hand piece knobs of drawers in the movable trolley, adjustment handle of seat/ clients table, pigment holders and the handle of the mirror used during the procedure are all covered in custom fitting barrier film products which have a thickness approved by FDA. This film protects all equipment and supplies that come in contact between the technician and the client.

Procedural Supplies:

On the top of the trolley before the procedure starts:
• Pigment holder/Caps/Pigment cups
• Brow Shaping Pencil sharpened and disinfected.
• Tweezers
• Brow Calipers.
• Alcohol wipes
• Q tips
• Wooden stick for mapping and pigment mixing,
• Brow outline Pen
• Disposable Microblading tool/Machine needle
• Lyracaine (anaesthetic)
• Baby Wipes ( Just the required number in a ziploc for individual          procedure to avoid touching the wipes box during the procedure)
• Tissue ( Just the required number in a ziploc for individual procedure    to avoid touching the kleenex box during the procedure)
• Microswabs.
• Eyebrow Ruler (Optional)
• High quality Pigment from the Micropigmentation center.
• Mirror
• Antibiotic balm
• magnifier glasses(optional)

Used by the technician to cover themselves and the procedural equipment:

• Disposable face mask
• Disposable apron
• Latex gloves, Barrier Film for equipment
• Latex gloves, Cross contamination Control Barrier Films.
• Disposable hand sleeves

Post Procedure equipment:
• Sharps Container
• Microkleen Disinfectant Wipes
• MicroKleen Spraying Solution
• Biomerse disinfectant solution

The Procedure:

The Client is greeted and given the health history questionnaire . Any concerns or queries the client has regarding the form/healing time/Post care are answered, The desired brow shape,thickness and colour of the brows are discussed with the client and different options on the menu are explained to the client. Accordingly suggestions are made by me as to which brow look would best suit the client based on his/her face shape and lifestyle.

The client’s skin is checked for warts, bruising or infections around the brow area and the brow area is cleaned using a disposable alcohol swab. A ‘before’ picture of the client can be taken at this point. Brow mapping is done implementing the face symmetry method using brow calipers while the client is still sitting up with her face relaxed to have a more accurate picture of the final look. Brows are filled in using the disinfected brow pencil and the client is requested to look at the filled brows in a hand held mirror to give her an idea of how the final brow shape would look. Any changes or adjustments to the brow shape are done to the client's satisfaction.


Pigment from the premium Micropigmentation center's pigment line is dispensed into the pigment caps and swabbed on the clients forehead, the shade is adjusted until the client is happy with the test swab. The technician puts on the gloves,apron and mask at this point and the client is asked to lay down on the bed. Small dots hugging the brow are drawn around the shaded brow to retain the desired shape. Once the shape is in place the brow pencil shading inside the outline is removed using a q tip. Required amount of Lyracaine is dispensed onto the pigment holder.

The calipers, wooden stick, brow outline pencil, Lyracaine tube, Eyebrow ruler, Pigment bottles, Brow shaping pencil are removed from the trolley top to keep them uncontaminated from the clients body fluids and safeguard future procedures with other clients. The only supplies
that remain at the trolley top are the supplies that are one time use/ disposable which include the microblading/shading tools, Pigment holder with dispensed pigment & dispensed anesthetic, bagged baby wipes & tissues, antibiotic balm, a couple of q tips and a micro-swab to apply anesthetic with. The mirror is kept on the second shelf of the trolley in close proximity as it may be required during the procedure, the handle of the mirror is covered with a barrier film, as it might come in contact with the technician or the client's hands.

Once all the cross contamination precautions are in place, the clients skin is gently scratched using the microblading/ Shading tool in the direction where pigment is deposited later. This stage is painless for the client. As the name suggests it literally feels like scratching. This step helps open up the skin to some degree which facilitates easy absorption of the anesthetic.

Once the right brow is scratched, anaesthetic is applied to the right brow using a microswab. While the anaesthetic is working on the right brow the left brow is scratched and followed by application of the anesthetic. The anaesthetic is allowed to sit for sometime on the
brows to facilitate numbing and is gently wiped using a baby wipe making sure not to remove the outline.


The Microblade is dipped in the already dispensed pigment and strokes are drawn starting on the right brow from the bulb of the brow moving towards the body and continuing through the tail of the brow  mimicking hair strokes, while stretching the skin in the direction of the strokes to facilitate consistent colour placement. Same steps are repeated on the left brow  after checking for numbing. The procedure is practically painless if accurate anesthetic is administered, My clients usually describe it as a tickle and are very comfortable throught the procedure.

Ombre/Powder Brow & Combination brow:


The Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine ( and high quality disposable Nouveau Contour needles are used to create a shaded brow instead of a microblading tool. The application is customized based on the final brow look desiredThe procedure is practically painless if accurate anesthetic administration is incorporated, My clients usually describe it as a tickle and are very comfortable throughout the procedure.

After the Procedure:
The needles/Microblades are disposed into the sharps container.
Barrier film covering the various equipment is removed after each client

procedure while the technician is wearing the same gloves he/she was wearing during the procedure, all the protective covering on procedural supplies/equipment and disposed off with the plastic apron face mask and hand sleeves worn by the technician after each procedure. Smaller equipment used during the procedure like calipers. Pigment holders, scissors eyebrow plucker etc is brought to the sink station and immersed in a solution of biomers ( hospital grade disinfectant immersion solution) and left to disinfect in there for 10 minutes.
Slightly larger equipment like mirrors with handles, magnifier glasses etc are taken to the sink station sprayed with micro-kleen solution

(medical disinfectant cleaner),Dirty gloves are disposed off at this point.

An ‘after’ picture of the client is taken with their consent after removing dirty gloves and the client is billed for the procedure at the counter.
The sink station located in close proximity to the work area is used to be able to quickly disinfect all the contaminated procedural supplies with the methods described earlier. Clean latex gloves are worn again and the surfaces of trolley light, shelves, client table seat and any other
surfaces which the technician or the client may have come in contact with during the procedure are disinfected and wiped with micro kleen surface wipes or bio surf ( disinfectant wipes /cleaner).
The client table all the surfaces( like the machine, hand piece knobs of drawers in the movable trolley, adjustment handle of seat and clients table, pigment holders and the handle of the mirror) that technician or client may come in contact with in the next procedure is
covered with fresh barrier sleeve.

Important notes:
• An effective hand washing technique is incorporated. Where warm   running  water and scrubbing hands with a brush is incorporated before   and after each procedure.
• Latex gloves are worn during the procedure and while cleaning   equipment. Latex gloves are used as vinyl gloves allow AIDS virus to   pass through easily.
• Gloves are always disposed off "NEVER decontaminated and reused. They   are changed if punctured or torn during the procedure or clean up.
• While performing a procedure nothing is touched outside of work area.   If something is accidentally touched then as a technician I ensure to   re-glove and disinfect.
• All contaminated bedding and laundry is handled with gloves
• Immediately after procedure , contaminated needles are disposed off in   a sharps container.These containers are puncture resistant labelled

 with the appropriate bio hazard label Pigment caps, wipes, Q tips cotton

 and any items that come in contact with the procedure area after the   skin has been broken are handled as potentially infectious material and 

 disposed off appropriately. Pre-sterilized products are used for each   procedure.
• Garbage bag in the bin close to the client procedure table is replaced   after each procedure.